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The company uses HTTP 301 redirects for its links. ... Any shortened URL generated with bitly can also be accessed by replacing that domain with any one of the ...

Bitly URL Shortener & Link Management Platform

Drive app installs and re-engagement with deep linking by Bitly. ... looks like for all the major digital marketing channels and what analytics tools you can use for each one. ... the year recap in pop culture, the @Bitly way ...

Links - Bitly API Documentation

Given a bitly URL or hash (or multiple), returns the target (long) URL. ... e.g.: http:/ / or . hash - refers to one or more bitly hashes ...

Shorten - Bitly

Bitly Brand Tools. Own, understand and activate your best audience through the power of the link. Drive efficiency and performance of your strategy and tactics ...

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1 in 4 mobile apps are abandoned after a single use. Deep links can .... Dig in & learn more in our latest case study: · Bitly's photo.


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